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Cosmetology Course

Certification course in COSMETOLOGY is a 7 days course which includes practical sessions in which aspirants are given orientation and training on the theoretical and practical knowledge. Students will be oriented, taught and instructed on various kinds of machines and treatment techniques required for imparting cosmetology treatment on clients.

Course Highlights

Skin fundamentals

  • Anatomy & Physiology Of Face
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Ageing process on facial muscles, bones, skin etc. 

Classification of skin. 

  • Skin Analysis
  • Types of skin -Fitzpatrick, 
  • Terminology In Cosmetology


  • Types of Acne
  • Medical TREATMENT for Acne
  • With Hands On practical

Scar removal treatments! 


  • Dermaroller, 
  • Dermapen. With Hands-on

Meso therapy

  •  Meso skin
  •  Meso sculpting 

Hyperpigmentation- Types


  •   By Aluminium dioxide Powder, or Crystals or  Diamond Tip.

Hydrafacial machine treatment

  • With Practical Hands-On.

Chemical peel exfoliation Treatment

  • With Practical Hands-on, face and body


PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment! 

  • With Practical Hands-On.

Vampire facial

Exclusive collagen supplements 


Led light treatment for face & neck. 

  • With Practical. 



Mole & tag removal

  •  By CAUTERY! With Practical Hands-On.

Non-surgical fat removal

  • With Hands-On Practical. 
  • By,  *Cryo-Laser, *RF, *Cavitation 

Nutrition & diet

  • For Beautiful Skin 
  • Clinic Set Up

Career Coaching


Hands-on Practical 

  • PRP- vampire facial
  • Dermaroller treatment on face, neck, decolletage
  • Dermapen treatment, on the face, neck, decolletage and skin all over. 
  • Mole removal with Quatery
  • Injection techniques for Mesotherapy
  • Chemical peel hands-on 
  • Hydrafacial hands-on practical


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Choosing IICT comes with several advantages that set it apart from other institutes.

All Procedures (Basic to Advance)

IICT covers all levels of procedures, from basic to advanced, ensuring a comprehensive education.

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IICT offers high-quality study materials and recognized certifications upon program completion.

Job and Practice Set-Up Assistance

IICT supports students in finding job placements and offers guidance for setting up their own practice.

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